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Ever heard the expression money for old rope? Well this isn't that, but it is money for your old DVD's, CD's and games! And if you use one of our cool promotional codes you're sure to make even more money on your old entertainment. Give it a go today!

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50% More Offer

Up To 50% More Cash For Your Games

This MusicMagpie offer does not currenly have an expiry date set

MusicMagpie have now increased the amount of cash that they are paying customers for recycling their old games. You can now earn an additional 50% for your games.

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Expired MusicMagpie Promotional Codes, Coupons and Offers

Expired Deal

Free Football Kits In Exchange For CDs

This MusicMagpie deal expired on Monday th 27th of May 2013

This offer has now expired

Expired Deal

Now You Can Make Money When You Trade In Your Electrical Music/Gaming Products

This MusicMagpie deal expired on Saturday th 15th of December 2012

Music magpie now accept iPods, iPhones, iPads, laptops, games consoles, mobile phones, kindles, monitors and more.

This offer has now expired

Expired Deal

Make Extra Cash Trade In Your Old CDs, DVDs And Games

This MusicMagpie deal expired on Wednesday th 12th of December 2012

Why not dig out your old tunes, films or games and convert them into some lovely cash and you'll be singing all the way to the bank.

This offer has now expired

Expired Deal

Get Paid Faster By Being Paid In M&S Evouchers

This MusicMagpie deal expired on Wednesday th 12th of December 2012

Why not grab yourself some M&S Evouchers, its simple just free up some shelf space and trade in those old CD's or DVD's

This offer has now expired

Expired Deal

Free Courier Service

This MusicMagpie deal expired on Saturday th 27th of October 2012

This offer has now expired

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Read a little more about MusicMagpie...

Music Magpie is a fantastic way of trading in what you may normally throw away or sell at a car boot, you don’t even have to pay for the postage or delivery these are all free.

There is no need to advertise your unwanted items yourself, just sit back and wait for the cheque to arrive, and you can always be sure best prices will be paid.

If you are feeling generous you can donate your goods to charity, and they will reap the rewards. You can also make money for your school and get everyone to bring unwanted items and then sell them with MusicMagpie. Such a great little website with endless possibilities of who can benefit from your old belongings.

How to save money using MusicMagpie discount codes...

Music Magpie is unique to many other retailers, because they pay you for your goods and not the other way around.

Music Magpie offer a free courier service to pick up your boxes if you have over 50 items and they also offer a free postage policy on all orders

If you decide to get paid by cheque or M&S vouchers then you can buy other things.

A few things you never knew about MusicMagpie...

In the last year Music Magpie have made 1.2 coat hangers and 1 million car headlights from recycled CD's, DVD's and games.

Last year they recycled enough CD's, DVD's and games to stretch from London to Nigeria.

Last year the total of CD's, DVD's and games that were recycled weighed the equivalent to 1,400 elephants.

You can download a free App to scan in and get a quote for the items you are interested in recycling.

MusicMagpie website screenshot

A little on MusicMagpie

Music Magpie is an online company that will buy your old CD’s, DVD’s and games off you. This simple but effective idea really works, whether you are moving house and want to downsize, or you are just having a general clear out, or maybe your tastes have changed. Never fear DC is here to help turn your old gear into much cheer with all that lovely cash you are about to save (sorry run out of rhymes).

Page updated on th 1st of August 2013 by Jennifer Endean

Read more about MusicMagpie...

MusicMagpie updates

As you'd expect there's a lot more going on over at MusicMagpie HQ than we can fit on to this page, but we do love to please. So, for your reading pleasure, here's the latest MusicMagpie updates...

When you need a bit extra, but you don't know what your stuff is worth, just give the CD's a quick scan and you will know in an instant.

Posted on the 5th of April 2012

If you want to do your bit for charity, but can't run a marathon, never fear there is something much less active that you can do. Sell your unwanted CD's, and send the money to charity.

Posted on the 5th of April 2012

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