Mamas & Papas Discount Codes

How To Use A Mamas And Papas Discount Code

1. Head over to the Mamas and Papas website

Whether you are parents to be, or have young children, buying from the Mamas and Papas website is a great place to shop, as it gives you loads of information about the products available. There are clear categories across the page of all the items they stock, and for a more detailed search there is a search bar at the top when looking for that special something.

Mamas and Papas homepage screenshot

2. Choose the item you want to purchase

Once you have found the item you want and are happy to continue, press the "Add to Bag" panel which has been highlighted for you. In the top right hand corner of the page it will detail the number of items you have ordered, a description and the total. The checkout button will appear on the next screen.

Mamas and Papas product page screenshot

3. Add your product to the Mamas and Papas shopping bag

Press "Checkout" and find yourself on the "Shopping Bag", here you will find a description of your purchases with a summary of the total amount payable including delivery. I have gone for the Rialto Cot in my example, you can see they also offer to assemble your furniture for you. Now press the "Continue To Checkout" button to carry on with your order.

Mamas and Papas add product to basket page screenshot

4. Complete your details on the Mamas and Papas login page

Now you need to sign in if you are a "Returning Customer" by just adding your email and password and click "Sign In", or if you are a "New Customer" you will need to add your email and "Register" to move forward. Registering will help with future purchases, and I am sure if you are a new parent you will have many of those.

Mamas and Papas login page screenshot

5. Enter your discount code to save money

The "Your Summary" screen is where you can review your purchase, and add a Mamas and Papas discount code in the "Do You Have A Promotional Code" box, now press "Apply Promotion Code" and the total cost of the order will be recalculated showing the discount applied. Now a confirmation email will be sent, so all you have to do is sit and wait for your goods to arrive.

Mamas and Papas add discount code screenshot


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