If you’re put off embarking on a money-saving lifestyle because you think the entire business is a bit dismal, boring and drab, think again. Our money saving tactics don’t just help you save a load of cash. They also let you enjoy the things you love best to the full. And they help you feel good about yourself into the bargain. It’s a genuine win-win. How come? Read on. Here’s  our wholly positive eight point plan!

  • you buy less: being aware of your spending habits and getting to grips with changing them means you buy less stuff. Conscious shopping lets you buy the things you need… and no more
  • you curb your impulse buying: cutting down on impulse purchases makes you feel better inside as well as saving a significant wad! 
  • you reconnect with your family: making do and mending and home-grown entertainment save cash as well as – in a ridiculously busy world – helping your family get to know each other better
  • you help the environment: many of our money saving ideas also just happen to be good for the environment, which makes you feel good about yourself. Taking the moral high ground has real financial benefits! 
  • you take full advantage of free stuff: free entertainment, free offers, 2 for ones at restaurants – have fun saving your money
  • you use discount codes to their full effect: discount codes are an excellent way to shave money off all kinds of yummy consumer goods
  • you save your savings: put your savings away so you can watch them grow – it’s a powerful incentive to keep on saving
  • you spend what you save wisely on the things you love most: saving all this money on everyday life means you end up with a large stash of cash to spend on the things you desire, love and need. Good art. A massive telly. Real oak flooring…