Crafts discount codes aren’t the only way to save money on kids’ arts and crafts stuff, although they do a brilliant job of cutting the cost of creative fun. Once you’ve got the basics – paints, brushes, felt pens, coloured pencils and glues – you can relax. Children don’t need expensive art materials. Take a tour of your home armed with a bin bag and you’ll be amazed how many exciting craft and creative materials you have just hanging about the place.

Think Blue Peter (here’s one we made earlier!) and you’re off. Here’s a list to inspire you. Get the kids to join in – they might have ideas of their own.

  • use newspapers to paint on as well as to shield your furniture and carpets if you’re making things indoors
  • cut out pictures and letters from your junk mail, old catalogues, magazines and so on
  • shoe boxes, egg cartons, grocery boxes, corrugated box inserts, shiny gold card from packaged foods like ham and thin card from packs of tights. Cardboard has a zillion exciting uses when you’re little!
  • tin foil, milk bottle tops and foil fairy cake cases make fab shiny metal effects  
  • plastic washing up liquid bottles, shampoo bottles, yoghurt pots etcetera can be stacked, cut, glued, squashed…
  • use old socks, tights and stockings to make hand puppets, stuffed animals, legwarmers and more 
  • cut up old clothes for fabric projects 
  • de-string old necklaces for bead projects