Re-using stuff is often even better than recycling it. You can give a remarkable range of everyday bits and bobs a new lease of life, meaning you extend their usefulness in the interim before – ultimately – recycling them. Take coffee jars for a start. They make superb storage pots for enything from dry foodstuffs like lentils, sugar and pasta to craft materials, soaps, washing powder… the list is endless. Here’s a handful of simple ideas to start you off.

  • toothbrushes make fantastic cleaning tools. An old toothbrush is perfect for cleaning intricately patterned  brass or other metal ornaments, dirty ceramics, awkward to reach areas on dirty shoes or boots. Particularly the mud-clogged soles of football boots or walking boots
  • bundle up old tights or stockings to make an incredibly effective scourer, excellent for washing up your pots and pans
  • create extremely resilient DIY rubber bands by cutting old rubber glove fingers into rings – they’re amazingly strong!
  • treat your pets – give them a lovely warm, soft bed made of an old cardboard box and a jumper or old towel that smells of you. They’ll enjoy the security of sleeping somewhere that smells completely familiar and it’ll save you a load of cash buying posh pet beds. This is a particularly good idea if you’ve got cats. Cats like to change their favourite sleeping arrangements regularly. So if you buy your cat a pet shop bed they might use it for a few weeks then discard it in favour of a cosy spot on your settee, the bed, a window sill or a warm part of the garden. It’s much cheaper to keep abreast of their funny sleeping habits with cardboard box beds! 
  • shredded newspaper makes really good, effective cat litter. You can use our stationery discount codes to buy yourself a low cost shredder at a bargain price, then recycle old newspapers for your cat litter tray easily and quickly. The cost of cat litter soon stacks up so you’ll make appreciable savings quickly