Low cost photo gifts – Thoughtful presents for people you love


photo mug from TruprintI love printing digital photos and putting them in real-life photo albums.

My husband and I never sit around a computer looking at our digital snaps together, it’s uncomfortable and boring. But we do spend time browsing our albums, sitting on the settee, giggling at the state of ourselves at parties, clubs, family events, gigs and festivals, and enjoying great memories.

We also love photo gifts. I recently bought six photo mugs, each with a different cat image, to remind us of our pussies, past and present. Every time we use the mugs we remember our good old friends, now long dead: Chunky, Alice and Betty, and have a laugh at the lovely photos of our current batch of cats Dave, Steve and Molly.

You can also add words to your designs if you like. It costs the same. I bought our photo mugs from Truprint at about seven quid a go, which may seem a lot for a bog standard porcelain mug but doesn’t seem much to pay for a thoughtful, fun gift. And they offer plenty more photo gifts:

  • three different kinds of mugs including a collage design where you can upload a bunch of photos to print on one mug
  • cards and invitations
  • photo panels, posters, canvas prints, acrylic blocks and framed photos
  • teddy bears, key rings, jigsaws and magnets
  • notebooks
  • stickers
  • posh photo books

If you’re stuck for a present, without the faintest clue about what to buy, it’s extremely easy to order the gifts and they arrive within a couple of days. They’re perfect for:

  • stag and hen nights
  • gifts for bridesmaids and ushers
  • birthdays and anniversaries
  • to say congratulations about a promotion at work / new job/ graduation from college
  • to say “I love you” or “sorry”
  • welcome to your new home / school / university
  • congratulations on winning a sporting event  or competition
  • stocking fillers at Christmas
  • just for fun

What kind of photos can you use? Obviously they need to be a high enough resolution to give a good quality printed image but other than that you can use any digital image you like, whether it’s a photo of your garden in all its summer splendour, a celebrity snap, a special occasion, a holiday snap, a school photo of your children or a pet portrait.

You can draw or create your own images – they don’t need to be photos – using a programme like Photoshop or its completely free alternative, a cool free image processing tool called ‘GIMP’. You can even scan an image into your computer, for example a child’s drawing. Whatever you choose, it’s personal. Which always makes a gift extra special.


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