Pomanders have been used for centuries to freshen wardrobes and drawers of clothes and linens, as have lavender sachets. Posh interiors shops sell modern versions but it’s much more fun to make your own. It’s another positive way to while away a rainy afternoon with the family. You can even work on them while you’re watching TV. Here’s how to make DIY pomanders and sachets and keep your fabrics smelling great!

DIY Pomanders

Ingredients: fresh oranges, tangerines, clementines, lemons or limes, plus cloves.

  • take your orange or whatever and push cloves into it, working logically around the fruit
  • space your cloves carefully leaving about 1mm between them
  • leave your pomander in the airing cupboard for a week. It’ll shrink and the cloves will close up to form a dense mat 
  • put it in your wardrobe hung by a strip of ribbon attached with plain or pearl-headed pins
  • the rich but subtle fragrance will literally last for years
  • sit them on top of your radiators in winter and they’ll give off a lovely smell for months on end

DIY lavender sachets

Ingredients: dry lavender flowers / leaves, small pieces of fabric, needle and thread. 

  • sew a small bag – square, round, whatever you like – leaving one side/edge open for your filling
  • crush or cut up your lavender leaves / flower heads to help release the fragrance
  • pack your bag with lavender and sew it up
  • decorate using bits of ribbon, fabric paints, buttons… or leave it plain
  • place in your drawers for subtly fragranced clothing, bed linen and towels 

They’re much healthier than chemical room fresheners as well as costing less. Plus you can save money on the craft materials you need using our craft discount codes.