Now that minimalism is well and truly dead, how do you bring your home decor up to date without spending a fortune? Today’s interiors are quirky and warm. Full of interesting bits and bobs; paintings, ornaments, lavish fabrics and throws, rich embroidered patchwork cushions and… delicious, colourful rugs. It can cost thousands of pounds to secure a really good old Indian or Persian rug. And buying  a new hand woven Afghani rug costs hundreds.  

The solution’s simple. If you want to enrich your home with jewel-coloured, soft, worn rugs from all over the world, good old ebay delivers in spades. Search using ‘old rug’ and you’ll find hundreds available for bidding. Some are genuine antiques, fine old pieces of art in perfect condition, highly sought after by serious collectors. But many are what’s called semi-antique. Between 20 and 50 years old, they’re well used and wonderfully tatty.  Some even have bare patches worn by the trampling of thousands of feet over the decades. Others are in really good nick considering their age. Whatever, they’re all full of personality.

You’ll find old rugs in all sorts of odd shapes and sizes, perfect for awkward areas of your home that you’d never find a modern rug to fit. The colours are wonderful – subtle, glowing reds, oranges, browns and blues. We’ve picked up an eight foot by five foot beauty for just £35, a lot of five very worn old rugs for £30 (that we’ve hung on the walls in our hallway) and a multitude of gorgeous circular rugs for between £8 and £40 each. Bargain!

If your cheap wood floor is getting tatty and you’re fed up with echoing around your own home, they’re the ideal solution. Alternatively spend a few bob on a new carpet with our furniture discount codes and bring your new look bang up to date with a random scattering of stylish old rugs.