Fashion discount codes for summer sartorial elegance…


brown tweed shorts for ladies… plus cheap fashion and DIY shorts

I popped over to our nearest Primark the other day and stocked up on stretchy plain tops, in gorgeous colours, for less than £3 each. Fantastic. Basic Primark tops are one of my best tips for low cost fashion because they go with more or less everything, wash really well, last for ages and come in a huge choice of shades. They’re as cheap as chips but when you wear one with good quality, expensive or designer stuff, they look great. There’s no need to buy expensive plain tops while there’s a Primark.

Summer fashion discount codes

That’s the cheap side of summer outfits taken care of. Now I need to stock up on skirts, leggings, shorts and trousers. Luckily we’ve got a load of fashion discount codes on-site, including discount vouchers for all these high street goodies:

  • Two handy Next discount codes, perfect for well-made, unique, classy clothes
  • Whistles, where there’s as much as £75% off limited edition clothing
  • Austin Reed, one for the blokes, with men’s suits items from £99
  • Evans discount codes, gorgeous clothes for big, beautiful ladies
  • 10% off for students at TopShop
  • Women’s knitwear from £9.99 at Zara
  • Men’s hoodies and sweat tops from £16 at Tucci, plus 100s of cool men’s accessories for just £4 each… and designer men’s shirts from just £17

Make your own shorts

The trend for shorts rumbles on and on. I am far too old to wear denim shorts, especially the extra-short ones. It would look SO wrong! But I can still get away with tailored shorts. I found a fab pair in a local vintage fashion store for £18, in light brown 100% wool tweed. Fabulous. But they were actually made from a pair of cut-down 1980s trousers, and it’s ridiculously simple. Just cut off the legs and hem them. It really is that easy. Now I’m on a mission to track down a load of pairs of suitable trousers that I can cut down myself rather than paying £18 a pair for shorts someone else has cut and hemmed.

Primark underwear size weirdness

Talking about Primark, here’s a quick tip for the girls: I’m a 34B bra size and an 8-10 for knickers. I have been the same size all my life. Nothing has changed. But this time around their underwear sizes have gone really weird. What used to be a 34B looks more like a 34A, far too small. I actually needed a 34C, which was really strange. And their pants now come in sizes 6-8 and 10-12. The first is too small for me and the second is far too big. So watch out next time you’re shopping there for underwear!


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