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Don’t be a tin opener fool – simple is best!

By Kate Naylor on August 30th, 2013 at 9:30am in Tech & Gadgets

a tin openerI’m a great one for being seduced by shiny new ideas. Take tin openers.

Over the years I have bought any number of fancy alternatives to the traditional, old fashioned type. And time and time again I’ve discovered the dratted things aren’t anywhere near as effective as the simplest, cheapest tin opener on the market.

It’s a useful lesson to learn: sometimes the original solution is the best… no contest.

Having just chucked away our latest £7.99 magical tin opener, the one that promised to make our can-opening life a whole lot easier and more fun, perhaps even orgasmically so according to the over excited marketing bumph on the packaging, I finally realise I’ve been a fool.

Yesterday I trotted to the corner shop at lunchtime and bought a bog-standard tin opener, the old fashioned kind, for just £1.25, and all is well again on the tin opening front. It works perfectly, opening tins with impressive levels of elan, flair and je ne sais quoi, whereas every expensive alternative we’ve tried over the years has been, quite frankly, a bit crap in comparison.

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Other times quirky products with a steep price tag turn out to be the Emperor’s new clothes, all talk and no action, fur coat and no knickers.

If you’re about to invest in a snazzy new tin opening gadget, think again and spend less than two quid on something that’ll work much better and last much longer.

Here are a few more cheap buys that, in my experience, are just as good as the expensive alternatives.

When is the cheapest just as good as the most expensive? 

  • shampoo and conditioner
  • sun screen, as reported by Today Health and, more recently, in Dayton Daily News and on telly – that’s three different studies saying the cheapest is the best
  • Primark stretchy tees
  • laptops and smartphones
  • insurance, where the cover offered is more or less identical but the cost differs substantially across providers
  • booze
  • washing powder

What else falls into the same category? We’d love to hear what products you’ve been fooled by when a cheaper alternative does exactly the same job, or better.

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