If - like many of us - you’ve got an all in one  TV, phone, landline and broadband package, did you know you can slash the cost next time your contract comes up for renewal? All it takes is a bit of bare faced cheek! Communications companies like to keep hold of you once they’ve got you. Who can blame them – that’s business – as a general rule it costs much less to hang onto a profitable existing customer than it does to attract a new one. As a customer you’re their most valuable commodity.

Next time your contract comes up get in touch and tell them you’re planning to leave in favour of another supplier. In almost every case you’ll find they miraculously come up with a much better deal out of the blue. Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert reckons that you can save up to £300 a year simply by poking your TV, mobile and broadband supplier firmly but politely where it hurts!

If you’re not on a package but you have a mobile, it’s also well worth doing the same thing. Mobile phone companies have a vast and bewildering range of contracts and they bring new ones on board with surprising regularity. It’s such a competitive  market that they’re engaged in a constant price war behind the scenes. Tell your mobile supplier you’re thinking of leaving, light the blue touch paper, stand back and see what they offer you!  I just cut £20 a month off the cost of mine… that’s £240 a year. I’ve added the cash to my savings stash, which I’m eventually going to spend on all sorts of goodies using our range of discount codes.