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Posts written in October, 2012


Mix ‘n’ match vintage and new – Save cash on wedding gear

Posted by Kate Naylor on October 23rd, 2012 at 10:01am

There’s an autumn or winter wedding in the air. So what do you wear? Whether you’re the happy couple or a guest it’s the best excuse in the world to get dressed up to the nines, do the bride and groom justice and strut your stuff for wedding photo posterity. Luckily gorgeous gear needn’t cost a…read more


Making money through online poker… can it be done?

Posted by Kate Naylor on October 22nd, 2012 at 9:24am

A friend of mine runs a very successful call handling service for small businesses. He’s also an experienced poker player, one of those rare people who manages to do very well out of it. He says it’s mostly because he knows exactly when to stop, he’s highly organised and sets himself very strict spending limits….read more


Making money online – Marketing your ebooks

Posted by Kate Naylor on October 19th, 2012 at 10:15am

Yesterday I talked about how to make money by writing ebooks for Kindle. Today I’m taking a look at how to get them in front of potential customers – the marketing bit. Great news: Amazon itself acts like a search engine When your books are on Amazon, formatted for Kindle, there’s a serious built in…read more


Making money with ebooks on Amazon Kindle

Posted by Kate Naylor on October 18th, 2012 at 9:49am

In August this year Amazon UK announced that their Kindle ebooks were out-selling actual books for the first time. For every 100 hard and paperback books it sold, 114 ebooks were downloaded. A couple of months later, I imagine ebook sales have increased even more. It’s a quiet, polite revolution and it’s changing the face of…read more


AbeBooks discount codes for fab cut price reads

Posted by Kate Naylor on October 17th, 2012 at 10:01am

    At the moment my fella and I are busy setting up one of my ebooks on Amazon, which involves creating a Kindle-friendly version. Last week he bought a basic Kindle so we can see what the finished article looks like in context. It’s a cool little thing but I must admit I still…read more


DIY divorce! Save money on solicitors fees

Posted by Kate Naylor on October 16th, 2012 at 9:35am

Having a nightmare with solicitors? You’re not alone!  A friend of ours is having a terrible time with her divorce. Her solicitor forgot to submit an important piece of documentation at the right time and as a result her Legal Aid application was turned down because it was incomplete. The solicitor didn’t apologise, let alone try…read more


Get your car in good order in time for winter…

Posted by Kate Naylor on October 15th, 2012 at 9:48am

… and save cash on repairs, maintenance and insurance. As a general rule it costs less to fix something before it goes horribly wrong than wait for the worst to happen. Cars are no exception. And anything you can do to avoid an insurance claim is worth doing, to keep your premiums as low as…read more


Fight the winter gloom indoors on the cheap

Posted by Kate Naylor on October 12th, 2012 at 10:04am

Autumn’s gorgeous but winter is so dark… our hallway is already a spooky cave in daylight but it feels crazy putting the lights on during the day, especially when energy suppliers are about to put their prices up at least 8%. So how can you lighten up your home through the dingy mornings, dim days…read more

Hey there, I'm Katie...


I live just outside Brighton, high up on the South Downs, with my fiancé Tony and our three cats.

I’m dedicated to saving money, spending less, buying wisely and generating cash from the stuff I no longer want.

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Hi, I'm Jenny...


Hi there, I’m Jenny, a brand new mum living in the heart of Essex with a passion for making the pounds look after themselves!

I’m here to pass on all that I’ve learnt about baby saving, looking good on a budget and to keep you guys up to date with what's hot on the money saving blog scene.

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