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Archives for July, 2010

Stop buying so many cleaning products!

How much do you spend on cleaning products? Do you have a different one for every kind of surface in your home? Are you addicted to bathroom cleaning creams, fabric deodorisers and room fragrances? Are you seduced by the promises of anti bacterial sprays and obsessive about buying the latest cleaning innovations?  If so it’ll be costing you a…read more

Make a money box to store the money you’ve saved

If you’ve got kids, a rainy Sunday afternoon can be a nightmare! But if you’ve been bitten by the money saving bug there’s loads of things you can do together to keep yourselves happy and entertained. One fun project is to make your own money box. You can make one each or create a family money box…read more

Collect wild flower seeds for your garden

Garden centre plants can be very expensive and seeds aren’t always easy to grow. So as well as having normal garden centre flowers in your garden, why not mix in local wildflower seeds you’ve collected yourself? They’re free, they grow without any attention from you, they’re perfectly suited to your soil and many wild flowers are…read more

Pay by Direct debit and save money… sometimes!

Direct Debit is a convenient way to pay regular expenses. Because payments are made automatically by your bank you can’t possibly forget to pay crucial bills. But there’s more to DD payment than meets the eye. DDs can often save you money, but in other circumstances they can actually cost more. Here’s a quick common sense run-down of when to DD and…read more

Cooking from fresh to save cash…

…with wonderful pasta! With a single ready meal costing anything from £2.99 to £6.99 it’s worth cooking from fresh. Take full advantage of pasta and it needn’t take more than half an hour max to prepare a mouthwatering evening meal. You can feed a family of four for less than the cost of a ready meal. Cooking with pasta is creative and fun. And…read more

Use your home computer to get your finances organised…

We’ve already mentioned that keeping a real-time record of how much you’ve saved makes saving money easier and more fun. But you can do much more on the administration front to help get your finances organised. Take spreadsheets for a start. Make a simple spreadsheet and note down everything you spend each month. The act of putting your expenses and outgoings…read more

Save money with the ‘four day wait’!

Over the years John and Irma Mustoe, authors of the famous Penny Pincher Paper, have dreamed up countless money saving ideas. One of the best is the so-called four day wait. Financial services companies are often obliged to give you a fourteen day cooling off period so you can chill out and decide if you’ve made the…read more

Cut the cost of baby equipment with our baby discount codes!

Today we’re focusing on saving cash on baby stuff. We take great care to make sure our discount codes cover all aspects of ordinary life… and some extraordinary aspects too. Babies are no exception. They can be expensive little beasts and every penny you can shave off the cost of parenthood counts! Here’s a quick run-down of  some…read more