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Ever wondered who your ancestors were or if you're somehow related to royalty? Well wonder no longer because Ancestry can help you trace your roots, and while you're at it, we'll help you save a bundle to not make your bank balance a thing of the past!

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Read a little more about is part of the larger global network, it was launched in 2002 and provides a whole mass of fascinating records and tools to help you discover your past.

You are able to take advantage of a free trial before you sign up, which will enable you to try before you buy, in my experience you will be hooked before the trial is up and want to find out more and more.

The starting point is your family tree and talking to family and relatives will assist you to find out initial information, then when you get stuck Ancestry will help you go further with great advice. As you piece together the relevant information you will be able to tap into birth records, key information and census data, and all will become clearer. Ancestry also have various products for sale that will help the journey you are about to embark on.

How to save money using discount codes...

Discount codes are not really something Ancestry are very big on, they go for the more gentle approach of giving you a 14 day free trial so that you can see whether this is your thing or not. This is worth a lot, as you can really tell whether you are going to enjoy working on something or not after that period of time, and if not you basically haven't lost anything.

What they will do quite often is add extra records, which will in turn help your quest. They do keep prices down by offering low annual membership and also offer monthly membership rates.

A few things you never knew about

When you sign up to join Ancestry you will have access to 953 million searchable UK family history records.

The global network is responsible for 30 million member trees, that is impressive you have to agree, why not add yours to the number.

In surveys that have been carried out it has been reported that 80% of Brits consider knowing about their family history is important to them, definitely count me in on that one. website screenshot

A little on is a fascinating website to help you trace your family's history and find out who your descendants really are. Whether you uncover deep secrets that have been buried for centuries, or perhaps discover the reason why Aunt Sally never talks about Great Uncle Billy, I am sure you will be instantly hooked to delve even further. Happy digging!

Page updated on th 1st of August 2013 by Jennifer Endean

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As you'd expect there's a lot more going on over at HQ than we can fit on to this page, but we do love to please. So, for your reading pleasure, here's the latest updates...

This fantastic website just keeps getting better and better, and with their 14 day free trial you really can't go wrong. So make sure you take advantage of it and get yourself started.

Posted on the 4th of April 2012 offer different levels of membership, but if you become a Worldwide member you will be able to explore their entire archive. Just think of all those records and tools you could access.

Posted on the 4th of April 2012

New record collection available at Ancestry, you can search by Victoria Cross Medals winners from 1857 - 2007 and find extensive information on the recipients.

Posted on the 11th of April 2012

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